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My niece competes L2. Early this year her coach had her team practicing on all skills that were for their routines. They recently had a meet where they did not perform one of their listed skills for their floor routine. The coach had them "hinge back" in their kneeling position rather than going all the way to a back bend from the kneeling position. Sorry but I'm confused! :confused: Is that a skill that can now be "edited" down w/o them receiving a deduction? I was just confused on why they would change that skill...will they be deducted...Does anyone know anything about this kind of scenario?


I *think* the backbend was replaced by the hinge to reduce the amount of back stress on children under 5. USAG recommend children under 5 don't spend too much time doing bridges. It has been a hinge on the official site information for a long time at least a year but even recent videos on youtube show both moves. I suppose there has been a change over time allowed. I'm sure there is no deduction as it is the official move for the routine now. I think the back limber was also replaced in level 3.


May 28, 2009
Region I
The kneel to backbend was replaced with the "hinge" in Level 2. Likewise, the Backbend kickover was replaced with "push up to bridge" kickover, in Level 3.
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