Connection value question: round-off + back layout 3/2

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My 11 year old is working out her Level 9 floor routine. She told me this morning that she thought that her first tumbling pass (round off-back layout 3/2-front tuck) might receive 0.2 points for connection value, but she wasn’t certain if the round off would count in a A+C connection in addition to the (C+A) connection for the layout with the front tuck. Is that pass worth 0.2 or only 0.1 for additive value?

Thanks for your help.
I believe it's only worth .1; I believe you don't recieve connection for non-salto elements. So she'd get C+A for the 3/2 + front tuck, but not A + C for the roundoff 3/2.

I think.
The only A's that count in a direct or indirect connection are A saltos. Its a .10 connection for Level 9. If she had a whip either directly beforehand of before a backhandspring she'd have .2.
Thanks for your help. (Connection values may be the most mysterious part of gymnastics for me just now.)
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