Connection Values-Level 9

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My DD will be moving to Level 9 and I am a newbie to Start Value of 9.7 with .3 bonus for connection values. Can some explain in laymans terms what are connection values, some examples for bars, beam, and floor and how are they earned. Thanks in advance.
Sep 9, 2007
Connections are for linking two or more two skills of medium or high difficulty in a row. You must not pause or wobble between skills!

There are two bonuses in FIG (this might not be the same where you are), 0.1 and 0.2. You can also be deducted 0.1 for not connecting. I can't think of many examples but I've got some.


A D with flight from high bar to low bar connected to a C will give you O.1 (although they have to be performed in that order), and so will two Ds.

C+D elements must have flight or at least a half turn to get the bonus.

To get O.2 you can use a D with flight, on same bar or to other bar, and a C on the high bar, again in that order.
Watch Ksenia Semenova's 2008 bars for her tkatchev/ giant full, this would be a 0.2.

An element can be performed twice to get a bonus, but won't be counted again difficulty wise. You can also use your dismount as a connection, but any empty swings will lose you the bonus.


There are still 0.1 and 0.2 bonuses, but three different categories.

Acrobatic: 2 acro flight elements, but not the dismount/mount.
For 0.1, you could have:
C/D + D, for example front tuck back tuck,
C + C,
B + E.

These two would include the mount and dismount.
B + B + D, Bhs, bhs double tuck.

C + B + C


B+ F, and C/D + D, but there's a special condition attached to getting this one I don't quite understand.

Including mount and dismount:

B + B + E, (bhs bhs double pike, 2 x bhs + layout (done by Shawn J))
C + C + C, (switch split leap, LOSO, back pike salto, again Shawn J)

B + C + D

A+ C or C+ A.

C+ C, excluding dismount.
D (salto to one foot) + A (scale)- eg Nastia/ Steliana Nistor's original moves.

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Sep 9, 2007

Indirect Acro (where a round off or flick is done in between saltos)

C+D, round off, bhs, double tuck/pike. 2.5 twist
A+A+D, whip, whip, bhs double tuck/ pike/ 2.5 twist. (this was mine) :p

C+ E

Direct Acro

A+A +D, whip, whip, double tuck/pike/ 2.5 twist
C+ C
B+ D

A/B + E
C+ D

D salto + A jump, in that order.

And I'm done! I'll try and work out some good elements and add them later!
Hope this helps :)


Jun 24, 2008
Those are FIG and not USAG rules, right? Just as a reminder, L9s will be limited in the number of Ds that they perform. In addition, Ds are devalued to be Cs, so you can only look at the bonus that includes Cs and lower.

This is just going from memory, so I might be off with the new changes.

USAG for L9:
C+C (different skills, no turn/flight on one or both skills)- .1
C+C (different skills, both with flight or turn)- .2

Beam acro
B+C - .1 (new for next year)

Beam dance
B+C- .1
C+C (same skill)- .1
C+C (different skills)- .2
I think I saw a new bonus combo that was something like C+A (both turns)- .1, but I haven't seen any clarifications about that.
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