For Parents Considering switching to email other gyms, etiquette, etc

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Aug 3, 2020

My athlete is considering switching gyms. The season is technically over at this point for us and I am unsure how to send emails out to other gyms without specifying who my athlete is incase we decide to stay. Does anyone have any advice for switching gym etiquette, sending out emails and gathering information?

A couple of of the things that we are looking for in a new gym: Not sure if I should mention these in the emails?
Safer progressions / drills / new skills
More coaching
Setting 1-2 year goals (Implementing drills, etc to work towards a higher level)

Thank you!!

Ps: Using pseudonym until I can think of a nifty gymnastics username.
For that kind of thing, personally I would recommend you join one of the big gymnastics Facebook groups and ask questions about the gyms you are looking at. The people who love it will post accolades in the comments, but those with other opinions will PM you. I would make a fake facebook (and mention why you're doing it when you ask to join) or ask the admin to post anonymously of course. Because IME what gyms will say they do, because it is what they would LIKE to do, is usually different from what they look like in reality, right down to coach/gymnast ratios, and the only way to know is to observe practices. Since you likely can't do that, asking current and former families is the best way.

I suggest this because the times we have switched gyms, emails have been met by "we'd be happy to talk to you over the phone" or "she can come in for an evaluation." I have not found gyms to be forthcoming over email.
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