cool poem I wrote!!!

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I wrote this poem and I hope you guys like it!

The Athlete and the Audience

You dance like no one's wathcing,
Even though you know they are.
You know your smile's fake,
Yet from know this they're far.
You're doing loots of tricks, while playing some too,
But they don't seem to mind; they wouldn't dare to boo.
You're being a show-off, usually despised,
Yet the paid money, just to see your prize.
You were getting nervous,
And were positive they saw.
Yet as they saw them watching,
You could tell they found no flaw.
As you were twisting, turning, and flying,
They could not see how hard you were trying.
As you were gliding around the bar,
They were close, yet so far.
As you kept your balance on the beam and looked so very poised,
They could not make a single noise.
As you picked up all the speed, and flew to unknown heights,
They cheered so loudly, just as you like.
You stuck all your landings and hit all your routines.
They sat, then stood, and never missed a beat.
You slid into your sweats,
And became one of them.
Then sat and watched your friend,
And saw it start again.
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