correlation b/t FHS vault success and upper level vaults?

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Aug 22, 2008
Can girls who are relatively weak on a FHS vault be successful in levels 8+ vaults. This past season was dd's first FHS vt season (platinum xcel). She scored mid 8's mostly but was usually in the lower half of the division for medaling. Very pike-y on pre and post table. So-So blocking and not much power. Vault has never been a great event for her, rarely getting 9's whereas most of the other girls in the gym are getting low to mid 9's and placing well - so it's not a coaching issue.

she will compete L7 this winter so she will have another year of experience but I'm really wondering whether girls like this might have an easier time with some of the higher level vaults, where the pikey-ness might not matter as much or am I just dreaming here? :) It would be so nice to see her start to have good seasons in this event.
My DDs' coach has told me that the FHS vault is a huge waste of time (having to compete it for 3 years) and they do not care to spend any time perfecting it at all. They care far more about developing a good round-off entry vault, which is why our L6s and L7s train a Yurchenko timer drill for every FHS vault that they do at practice...They feel that a good FHS vault has absolutely NOTHING to do with being a good vaulter at L8-L10...My oldest DD had an average FHS vault for years, but has a very nice yurchenko and she scores better than she ever did with a FHS vault :)
that's about right^^^. they really don't come in to their own on vault till about 15 years of age.:)
Thanks to both of you! It gives me hope. DD started training the yurchenko and tsuk drills right after comp season ended in May. But they still do a lot of regular FHS vt training too, especially running and blocking to prep for the new season.
I've heard of girls who've really struggled with the handspring vault, and when they got to level 8, they became AMAZING yes it is possible!!!!!!
I would also say that it depends on the kid and the issue, front handspring is a very important steppin stone at my gym as the next level in my province for full start value is a handspring full. If the issue is a slow run and/or overall slow vault she may have some issue, but that could come sith time. However if it is more of just not really getting it she should be fine.
One of my daughters didn't score her first 9 on vault until she was a 13 year old level 9, plenty of time:)
that's about right^^^. they really don't come in to their own on vault till about 15 years of age.:)
Is that just a combination of power and body mass? Seems like the tiny girls (under 10/11) have trouble getting any kind of strong punch, which I've assume was related to being tiny and practically weightless.
it's all in the power. just takes time to develop it. even when they are very fast muscle twitch kids.
My dd was consistently in the lower half (and sometimes near the bottom) for vault all through L5,L6 and the first 1/2 of L7. The rest of her L7 team was very good at vaults. Then one day after practice during last season she told me "I fixed my vault." Sure enough, the last 3 meets of the season she placed well, scored in the 9's and ended up placing 2nd at state meet. If you had told me at the beginning of the season that she would be on podium for vault I probably would have just laughed. So, don't give up hope!
I myself had problems with the FHS vault when I competed it. I was never an especially strong vaulter, but it did not set me back nor prevent me from moving up into higher optional levels. There are many different options for vaults when you move into the higher optional levels. Many girls at my gym compete sucessful tsuks, but there is also the option of a Yurchenko. The only vault that requires you to have an outstanding FHS vault is a FHS-Front vault or a Cuervo, which both require a FHS entry. Good luck!
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