Cottbus World Cup, Germany

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Mar 14, 2007
This is a B-World Cup held from March 23rd to 25th 2007. It`s a yearly competition which attracts a great international field of competitors every year.
Right! Sadly the list there is not very updated...:(
On they are more up to date.

Sadly the USA has cancelled for the women and there are some more changes like Romania has exchanged Izbasa and Nistor with Leonida and Lacusteanu and so on...
I'm excited to see that Krystina Palesova is going! I can't wait to see how she does.
Palesova made the podium on bars which is great for her! :) I guess she probably is the biggest talent they have now coming after Komrskova and Sikulova. :)

I have been in Cottbus last weekend, so if anyone of you has any questions I`ll try my best to answer those! :)
Not open for further replies.