Could this be used in a beam routine?

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Jul 23, 2009
I made a video with one of the junior coaches who made up a routine for me.
She kind of skipped through the cartwheel so I'm not sure if this was a quick skip or she actually wanted me to use this in the routine..
She had one leg straight and one leg up in the air, very vertical, and her hands down on the beam so she was "folded" in half i guess.
So do people actually do this in routines or was she just telling me to do a handstand there...although I only need one big trick in my routine, which im choosing a cartwheel for.
I'm confused??
I think what you were describing is a needle scale. It is a skill and can be done on beam. It only counts if held for 2 seconds and has to be 180 degree split. It is a really nice skill! I was going to get one of my gymnasts to do it, but she has left now :( The others can't quite get the amount of split needed!
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