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May 20, 2007
Nsw Aust
Hello to you all,

Just letting you know the count down is on for my little boy (6) who is competing in Sydney on the 15th Sept in his first State Championships we actually live in country NSW (Aust) so this will actually be his first trip to Sydney he is so excited his coach told me he had a dream about him that he came 3rd hehehe.

I don't expect anything that flash as long as he does his best because he is still a year younger then the competition so next year he should be wonderful.

Then again he did get first place on floor at the State Trials in July so the sky is the limit he has huge potential but needs to grow a little bit...

So fingers toes and what ever else crossed for my little champ

Will let you know how he went...

Cheers for Australia
May 20, 2007
Nsw Aust
Hi all

My little man went terrific

he came 3rd on vault with a 9.150
4th on pommel with a 9.00

and 12th overall with a score of 51.250

so look out next year cause these kids were 12 months older than my little boy

The winner of the state championships scored 55.30 so we arent far off the mark

We go to Maitland on 29th Sept to PCYC State Championships

thanks again


Coach & Mom
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Feb 5, 2006
Congratulations Blake on a job well done!!! Can't wait to see the scores from the next meet!
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