COVID-19 / Coronavirus Gymnastics Club Reopening Steps / Process

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Proud Parent
Feb 13, 2015
I commented this on another thread: The gymnast lives with the parent, rode in the car with the parent, hugged the parent goodbye. The parent doesn't have anything the gymnast doesn't have. I don't think it makes a difference if the parent enters with the gymnast, and in general I don't like the idea of dropping my kid off somewhere I'm not allowed to enter (my kids are still young). I think this falls in the category of things that look better/make us feel safer, rather than something that actually makes us all safer.
Difference is amount of exposure matters. Kids in the large space of the gym vs parents in a waiting room which could be a much smaller space.

Parents being allowed to watch practice via video, mitigates being able to "see" the kids. Or limiting parents to time slots. So parents are always in the gym, just not all at once.


Proud Parent
May 6, 2013
Yeah, reducing number of people in the gym is one of the only things being done that actually will make a difference. Add in that evidence seems to show that kids are actually getting the virus at a lower rate than adults, even when exposed, and that when adults get sick they are more likely to get very sick, and keeping adults out of the gym makes sense - not only to keep the kids safe, but to keep the adults safe. We are a bigger risk than them in every way.

The gym should have some way for you to view practice to comply with SafeSport.
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