OT COVID gym changes

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Jan 4, 2008
Now that we have moved past all the restrictions and lockdowns. Curious as to how COVID has changed your gym?

Any permanent changes that stuck? Would you consider these changes to be a good thing or a bad thing.
The only covid change our gym implemented was that the girls had to walk in the building with masks. Once they were in the building, the masks came off (unless they wanted to wear them, but I don't remember anyone wearing them). Honestly, this was just to prevent outsiders from reporting the gym and making trouble. Obviously, now we don't do this.
A lot of changes we made, we kept.

Make up lessons was a big one, we used to limit them to 10 per year. Now there is no limit to the number you can take as long as they are within a certain time frame of the absence.

We also now require everyone to bring water bottles, no more cups and water fountains.

We set up a special hand washing station, which during COVID everyone had to use as certain times. But we kept it, we do t require anyone to use it. But it’s there.
My daughter's gym made all the changes required by the various, ever changing health laws but only two stuck. Parents couldn't enter the gym because of the numbers cap, and they really haven't been allowed back in since (although as it is a warehouse they can watch from the roller door still).
And there is now somebody on the gym door taking attendance as gymnasts walk in. This used to be done by the coaches and was fairly informal.

The other thing is a vibe rather than an action, but two long shutdowns means people know from experience that as long as you stay strong and flexible, time off gym is not the dealbreaker that it used to be treated as. That long family holiday - not a problem, not even a little bit. Need a full term off for exams - take it. Might take you a month or so to ease back in when you return, but you CAN return.
I can't think of any lasting changes at our gym. Personally, I no longer go in and watch practice, but it is allowed again. I just realized that it made my daughter happier for me not to be there, plus all the parents that I was friends with don't have daughters on the team anymore, so it's not the social outlet it used to be for me.
We combined our Xcel team with our Developmental team... then we put everyone on the same path (Silver... L4... L6... L7... L8... L9... L10). We basically only have a Developmental team now. This was going to happen without COVID... but the combining of the team was going to be slower. COVID made it all happen instantly.

Our gym is only a medium sized gym... 14,900 sq. ft. building with only about 13,250 sq. ft. of gym space. Of that space... about 7,000 sq. ft. is dedicated to team during certain hours. We just didn't have enough room for both an Xcel team and a Developmental team.

We have also had to increase prices substantially... however... this is not a bad thing as our coaches now get paid much more than before.
We still have individual chalk tubs that each gymnast keeps. Honestly I’m not sure why.
When kids have to buy their own chalk I think they waste a lot less, as their parents realise pretty quickly how expensive it is.
So glad we don't do this at our gym - I think I use more chalk than some others, but I feel like I'll peel off if I don't. Parents probably won't be too happy with that
No restrictions but Covid helped cause coaching changes. Our gym lost a coach. They stopped Saturday practice yet added hours to the other practices to keep their revenue the same. I don’t see them in business in 3-5 years

The building and remaining coaches have not changed. But it’s not the gym we agreed to be a part of, so my gymmie will finish her career elsewhere.