Crockett and UW Gymnastics

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Hi :]

I thought I'd share a little story haha. Crockett is a great gymnast, and many know he's known for his move the "Crockett" which is a double twisting jaeger. It was put in USA magazine in 2006? becuase he won the new skills challenge. If you haven't seen it before here's a link:
YouTube - ???The Crockett, a double twisting jaeger on the High bar
YouTube - The Crockett 2
the second link has slow motion.

Well the UW mens gymnastics team came in yesterday to our gym because they are getting a new place to train. It wasn't crowded yesterday, just me, my coach, and 2 other little girls. And we were talking about how we wondered if Crockett was there because we've never actually really seen his face before haha. They probably thought we all were weird because here are all the guys jumping on the tramp and there's a group of people just staring trying to see there face. Well, turns out Crockett was there [atleast we think he was haha, unless he has like an identical twin], and it was nice to see the guys there. Hopefully they choose our gym to train at, and we'll be seeing more of them. Just thought I'd update :]
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