WAG crooked back walkover

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Feb 26, 2022
Okay, so I had problems with back walkovers on beam for a while. My right leg leads my kick over. I would always put my left hand in front of my right hand instead of in a butterfly position. I almost never got them together in the butterfly position, and when I did, it was crooked, again with my left hand in front of my right. Putting my hands like that caused my hips to twist and I would come out of my back walkover facing the beam. I also realized that when doing bws on floor, without attempting to put my hands together, my left hand is still slightly in front. So, after struggling to fix that, I looked closer at my bw. I learned my bw at home a few years ago, so I think I taught myself wrong. I realized that when going into it, I twist my body counterclockwise and open my hips.

Basically I’m wondering if anyone knows how to fix that bad habit. I’m practicing just going into a backbend with square hips to see if that helps but it feels like I’m erasing all my progress because I learned my bw so long ago. What tips/advice/drills do you have to fix my bw?
It’s hard to know without seeing the back walkover. Are you starting with your leg up at horizontal or above. Crooked back walkovers often come from starting with the leg down.

Is your base leg nice and straight and tight going into the skill? Bending it will also cause a crooked back walkover.

How is you hip flexor flexibility, a lack of flexibility is often compensated in other ways, also causing a crooked skill.
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