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Crooked BackWalkover- Always Missing

Discussion in 'Gymnast Forum' started by wispyWindow, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. A few months ago I got my Back Walkover on the high beam without falling or anything. I was able to consistently to this (and i was moving on to series) for the next 3 weeks or so. There were a few practices where we skipped beam. The first time I tried my BWO again on beam I missed both feet. I have tried pushing off my foot harder. My hips twist every single time and I have not been able to make a back walkover since 4/5 weeks ago. Are there any drills/ways for me to stop making it crooked. (I have already tried not twisting my hips) It is also helpful to know that my shoulders are not flexible. And that it took me a few months to get both hands on the beam- I only put my right hand on the beam for a long time
  2. One of my friends puts a stick like mat (a pool noodle works well) into the back of her leotard through each sleeve. She says it helps remind her to go straight and where straight is. I personally have never tried this. Another tip is just breaking it down. Start on a line on the floor, then move to a floor beam and work back up to the high beam.
  3. I feel it might be fear related, have you gone back to low beam or high beam with a spot?
  4. So on the floor my back walkover is fine. I stacked to panel mats next to the low beam so it was level with the beam and I wasn’t able to get a straight one.
  5. When you say it's fine on the floor is it just that if it isn't quite straight it doesn't matter and you don't notice, or is it that it does go straight when you don't need to place your hands so close together?

    Could you follow a tape line on the floor? Or could you do it on low beam with mats level either side if you put your hands on the mats either side of the beam?

    If it is a shoulder flexibility issue dislocates with a rope might help.
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  6. My backwalkover does not go crooked on the floor. (I can do it on a tape line). Recently, I have been able to make non-crooked back walkovers when the mats are level with the low beam. However, my backwalkover starts going crooked again when I bring down the notches on the panel mats
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