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Oct 26, 2007
My dd used to have beautiful bhs until the last couple of weeks. She throws her hands back crooked. I think that she is moving her head to see behind her as she jumps back. I think she started doing this because she has been doing them at school and was concerned that there wasn't enough space behind her. ( Don't worry she is no longer allowed to do them at school. I found out about it when she got in trouble for doing these at recess)She still does them right if she is reminded the second before she jumps back to keep her head neutral but if not reminded persists in doing them wrong. She wants to go to open gym this weekend and work on them and I was wondering what she should work on the correct this problem.
Sep 19, 2008
I'd do drills into the pit probably. Have her really jump backwards, and no time hesitating between the bending of the knees and going for it. If she doesn't give herself time to look backwards, hopefully she won't! For every 5 or so she lands straight, go for the bh on floor. This would only work if she's honest with herself about how straight she's landing on her back, or if she has someone there to tell her she's crooked! Thats my .02!

I have my students put the elastic belly bands on their arms just above their elbows. I then have them hold their arms up by their ears & make sure the band is behind their heads...this will keep their head from going back when they jump into the handspring. This does prevent the student from being able to swing their arms, but it's a great drill to teach keeping the head in & also to jump hard into the handspring. If you don't have a belly band, you can also just buy some elastic from the fabric store & stitch it together...very inexpensive. I hope this helps:)
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