daily gymnastics conditioning plan ??

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hi every1 im michelle im a level 4 gymnast and would like some daily (10 mins) conditioning to do at home ........i dont want to repeat stuff every day i would like some different excercises ........b.t.w i have a trampoline and a lite yoga mat and a slightly padded mat ......

Aug 15, 2008
pushups, sit ups, handstand pushups, v-ups, hollow body holds and rocks, press handstands if you can do them, lunges, squats and jump on and off of an object a bunch of times . you dont have to do all them every day... just a few every day :]


drillsandskills.com workout of the day. while some stuff can lean more towards men's gymnastics or crossfit, just click on the random workout generator again.

You will have to signup for the workoutlog to access the random workout generator or select the various workouts.

Most can be done with very minimal equipment.


Nov 12, 2007
Well i guess the question is a little vague. I am not sure what advice to give you, because one you are a gymnast, and i take it you want to improve your gymnastics specific conditioning on the other hand you don't want to repeat stuff which gears workout to general fitness.

My advice would be this.
Depending on how many days you want to do stuff. Do something along these lines
Depending on how many days you are going to train you should list out about a dozen conditioning exercises in 3 groups. Shaping/Core/Abdominals, Legs, Upper Body. every training session randomly select 2-3 exercises from each list.
You could get even more technical, and make several lists, that seperate exercises from easy to medium to hard, to HARD HARD. That way you can variate the intensity as well depending on season, how you feel on that day, etc.

I am sorry if this isn't exactly what you are after. For me to start listing exercises, sets, reps ect. I would need to know your goals with this extra conditioning, how often you are training now, what you already do at gym, how often what kind of sets, reps etc.. Pretty much a lot more detail. So for a general question i can only reply with a general reply.

Hope that helps and let me know if you want more, and what it is exactly that you need.
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