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Jun 11, 2008
Region 1
I posted this in the general questions forum but thought I'd try my fellow parents. Coach wants DD to wear a dance posture belt at home. Does anyone know what these are really called and where I can find one small enough for a tiny 6 year old? When I googled "dance belt" it gave me a male thong :D. I hope that is not what the coach had in mind :eek:.
Not sure either, but sounds like the belly bands that they wear at DDs gym. My DD has one, and they are supposed to wear it every practice or they have to do 50 pushups. ??? One of DDs teammates moms made some for her DD and friends. That is where DD got hers. I think it is just 1 1/2"-2" wide elastic (for waist band, probably find in sewing department) and sewed together at the end. I can't find DDs to measure, but I imagine it is about that wide.

Maybe I am totally off though. If so, just ignore me. LOL.
Not open for further replies.