Danica's 2nd Meet this weekend...

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Mar 5, 2008
North America
Wow-it just seemed like she had her 1st meet and now her 2nd one is here already! She's been training really hard and says she really wants to do her ROBHS by herself :thumbsup: Just by her saying that is probably the biggest breakthrough for her this year :D! I'm so happy that she is gaining confidence and is starting to actually voice some of that confidence. But, it still can't hurt to have a little luck on our side...So, if you see any fairies flying around, send them to St. Mary's County, MD on Saturday!!!!

I'll keep you updated on how she does. Thanks guys!!
Feb 26, 2007
Best of luck to Danica and the RO BHS fairy is on it's way to MD, anything to get away from our weather!!!

Have a great meet.


Good luck to Dani! Kick some boo-tay! The ROBHS fairy has served me well so I'll send it in the direction of Maryland.

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
GL to your dd, if I remember correctly I've seen her video before and I made the comment that her coach did not need to be out there for her BHS on floor. If I am right, good I still have some brain cells up there! But it is good to see that she now has the confidence to do something on her own that us Chalkbucket parents knew she could do by herself the whole time!!!


GOOD LUCK TO DANI! That's great that she is feeling more confident. I'm sure she'll do great, can't wait to hear how it goes.


Good luck this weekend:)! It sounds like she is ready to do that ROBHS by herself, that's great! The confidence to try it is a huge part of the battle! I hope she has a great meet:)!
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Thanks everyone!!! She goes back and forth with the whole ROBHS confidence thing, but she seems to perform at competitions a lot better than at practice so I am hoping the thrill and excitement of the meet will give her the adrenaline to go for it!!!!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Sending lots of fairies her way, ESPECIALLY the ROBHS fairy. :D Hope she has fun!


Jan 18, 2009
Good luck to Danica! I saw your videos of her on youtube and she has that ROBHS by herself, maybe the meet will give her the little confidence boost she needs to it herself. Hope she has a great meet!

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
GL to Dani this weekend. She's got that ROBHS---just has to shove the coach aside and tell herself she CAN do it. She is so solid on everything---hope she has a great time and kicks some chalk!


Good luck, Dani! Sending best wishes for the ROBHS, and all the other stuff too! Can't wait to hear your report-I know it will be good news! :D
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