OT Dani's Ballet performance when she took ballet class this past year...

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Mar 5, 2008
North America
Dani had her dance studio recital back in June and I am now getting around to putting the video together. I taped it off of my computer screen because I couldn't figure out another way to upload from the CD that I purchased of the show. So, if you see the computer screen in the shot, that is why :rolleyes:.

Anyway, she did pretty well for her first recital. She even said that she was WAY MORE NERVOUS for this performance than any gymnastics meet LOL. Dani is the little one in the front/center for the start of the routine and finishes the routine with a front walkover split. Oh, and another way to spot her is to just look for the kid who has "the gymnastic arms", and THAT is Dani!! LOL! Too funny! She had fun and I am glad that she wants to continue the ballet for this year.


YouTube - Dani - Ballet - B. Funk 2009
Not open for further replies.