Dani's Lucky Charm Meet Report

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Mar 5, 2008
North America
Hi guys! We had our home meet today which was themed for St Patrick's Day. It was definitely a "lucky" day for Dani! Here is the rundown on her events:

Vault - 9.50 (personal high score!!!) - 1st place
Bars - 8.70 - 1st place
Beam - 8.55 - (had a few wobbles - not sure how she placed b/c they didn't award ribbons past 5th place)
Floor - 7.70 - (still no ROBHS by herself and not sure of the place)

AA - 34.45 - 3rd place

So all in all it was a good day for her! Since her gym is hosting the meet, we all have to help out and volunteer for the different sessions so tomorrow Dani gets to be a "runner". She is VERY excited!!!!

Here is the video:

YouTube - Lucky Charm Meet - March 7 2009


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
So happy for Dani!!! She shamROCKED that vault for sure!!! 3rd AA at her home meet...that makes it extra special. Congratulations to her!!!! Thanks for sharing another sweet video with us.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Thanks everybody! It is so nice when you can actually see the improvements. I am even noticing the smaller more detailed elements improving! Today we got to help out at the Level A age 11 and 12 YO session. It was cool seeing the Level A routines and Dani got to help out with selling raffle tickets and got to help give out the medals--she said it was a lot of fun! She was supposed to be a runner/score flasher, but got a little scared because of the responsibility so she asked to switch jobs with someone else. She said she didn't want to risk messing up someone's score--pretty smart girl, huh? LOL

So we have one more meet in April and then we have States in May. Four down and two to go!!!


Congrats Dani! Super job on the vault! Loved the video what a special keepsake!


She must really be enjoying her season! Sounds like she is doing great.

Congrats to Dani!
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