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Hi im a gymnast. i have a visibe 4pk if thats possible through my leo and the rest is there but not really defined as well. most of us are well defined but we dont look like body builders just more muscular than others our age
hi, i had some questions about muscle building.

my daughter is 11 and she in gymnastics since shes 5 shes level 6.
now my questions, the coach in her gym let them do so many conditioning that all girls there are on 3 or 4 % bodyfat they are all muscle.
some of them look like little bodybuilders. my daughter got a ripped sixpack of stomach at age 11.
there are many younger girls with also visible abs etc.
Whem we are on competitions non of the gymnast from other gyms look like them.
Is it dangerous at this age that they have so ripped muscles?​

they lift little weights, do situps etc with weightplates and sometimes they train on the rings and pommel.​

You said all the girls have 3 - 4% body fat. Just wondering Did they all get evaluated or something? Or are you just looking at them and they just look that way to you?

I go with if my daughters Dr. isn't concerned about her body weight then neither am I. My DD weighs only 78 pounds at 12 yo. Most of the girls at school are a good 20 - 30 pounds heaver. Yup she is smaller then they are and alot skinner then they are but her DR says she is developing just fine.
Im into gymnastics for 11 years now with my best friend.
We have visible muscles since we were 6 or 7 years i think, abs biceps legs etc.
but my lil sis is 7 and does gymnastics since 5 years and she has the best six pack ive ever seen we were so proud of her :D

all i have to say is that is an 8-pack, not a 6!!!:eek:
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