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Tay's Mom

Proud Parent
May 30, 2019
Sooo Hello! I'm just going to copy/paste my "about me" from my profile :)
"My daughter started in recreational gymnastics when she was 3. She has been competing for 4 years. Bars are her favorite, she struggles the most on beam. She was the Level 4 state bar champion last year, and this year achieved a bar score that is on America's 2019 Level 5 Top 100. She is also the 2019 Level 5 state vault champion! Going into the summer work-up, she has been placed in a group with current Level 7's - who are working to Level 8. My daughter has her giants, layout and twist (clean on the tumbletrack) but all need work!! So we will see what the summer brings - we are pretty assured she will come out a 7 at the end...but maybe even an 8!

As a mom, I went blindly into this sport, not knowing anything - it was an alternative to dance (because her dad didn't want to sit through hours of recitals - lol - little did we know!) and we never really considered teams at the onset. Watching her grow and develop, physically (the stuff she can do!), mentally (the focus and pressure she can handle!), and emotionally (her poise and drive and ability to get back up on that beam after a fall during competition!) impresses me more than any score or award she's ever earned. I'm still learning - every year, every level is a learning process for me (yurchenko?? lol) - and how best to support her and the competition gets more fierce, the skills get harder, the judges get tougher. I'm excited to join this community as a way to share and get answers - especially as she hits Optionals - totally new!! - and heads toward a desire for collegiate competition with hopes some day for a scholarship.:);)"

Open to all advice!
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