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Feb 21, 2013
We might be moving to DC temporarily, for about 8 months in 2016. It looks very likely right now, and we'll definitely come back home.

My kids are not on team but my older daughter is 6 and she's finally making good progress in our gym's developmental program. I would like for her to still be on the path when we return, assuming that's still what she wants to do.

My younger daughter is 4 so I'm not as concerned about her- she will also do gymnastics but losing 8 months won't matter as much. She just needs a place where she can keep getting strong and limber and have fun. She's also a naturally talented athlete, which helps

Older DD not so much. She has worked hard and is doing much better, but she's tall and lanky and is somewhat lacking in the balance and coordination department. I'm so lucky we have a gym that meets kids where they are and lets them take their time to reach their potential. I'm hoping to find something like that in D.C. Well.. actually in VA, since we'll be living on Capitol hill and there don't appear to be any gyms in the district.

Any recommendations for places to look into? I have looked on the internet and I know I will have to see places in person and maybe have the kids evaluated. Kids will be turning 7 and 5 early next year, in case that matters. Commuting is going to be tough, but I know it's inevitable. We are so lucky to have a gym 10 minutes away here. I know we're looking at 30 minutes in DC, hoping not much more. At least I will be able to walk to work from our house.
From Capitol Hill, the closest places (basically in opposite directions) would be Arlington Parks and Rec gymnastics (hard to sign up for because super in demand, maybe if you get placed in preteam but again spots are limited so just be prepared), Arlington Y (ditto) and then Sportsplex in Landover, Md. You will need to drive to all of them. Landover is more of a straight shot from Capitol Hill and probably what I would do. There are a few others in PG County Md as well. And one other in Arlington, Dynamic Gymnastics, which is a private gym.

North of DC the closest is Silver Stars in Silver Spring, Md. Also, there are gymnastics classes through DPR (DC parks and rec), I believe they have real equipment but you'd have to check it out. There's no team there. It's in Chevy Chase I believe.
LOTs of gyms in the DC area! It is definitely going to depend on if you live on the Maryland or Virginia side of the Beltway!

Hills on the Maryland side (NorthWest), SilverStars on the North Side, North East Maryland is Sportsplex . Of those three - Hills and Sportsplex are probably the highest scoring teams in the state.

In Virginia you would be looking at Apollo Gymnastics.
Capitol Hill is a neighborhood in DC and it's right on the line of NE and SE, so the middle portion of the city. I'm not sure what you mean by the VA or MD side of the beltway. It's about equidistant to both with VA being to the west and MD (PG county) to the east. Due north of DC is also Maryland (Bethesda, Silver Spring). If they really are living in Capitol Hill, it's not really near the border of either state.

Sportsplex is in Landover which isn't near north east Maryland. It is however closest to NE DC so maybe that's what you meant. Which puts it very close to where the OP will be living and also in my view probably the easiest to get to by road convenience.

Capitol Hill is at least 45 minutes no traffic from Woodbridge (where Apollo is) which is way outside the beltway. That's going one of the furthest gyms. Arlington would be closer. Gaithersburg is a little closer but still 40 minutes minimum. Going from the city into the suburbs on the beltway or 66 is going to be hard in the afternoons. I would recommend the OP choose something inside the beltway (so, Arlington, Silver Spring, Landover are basically the places that have gymnastics) and try to get a weekend class.
Ooh Landover, I didn't come across that one on my own. We'll be in NE Capitol hill so that might be doable.
Oops, I missed the part where OP knew where they would be living. I thought that was up in the air still.
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OP - Gymdog has the right idea. You don't need a gym with lots of optionals for classes for 8 months . I would suggest Arlington gyms or Sportsplex.

I know many gymnasts at all those programs (and the others suggested). Feel free to pm me with any specific questions.
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Ooh Landover, I didn't come across that one on my own. We'll be in NE Capitol hill so that might be doable.

Personally I think that would be the straightest shot. I am guess it is also a high demand team because it is parks and rec too I believe (the classes there definitely are, not sure how team is administered). In Arlington county parks and rec it's all administered by the county but I'm not 100% sure about PG county. Arlington county actually doesn't really have a preteam like most gyms have, but they do have classes by certain skills and ages. So you would probably sign up for two or three classes a week. BUT many classes are filled by the time non resident registration rolls around.

A level 1 is learning a cartwheel and pullover. A level 2 has a cartwheel and pullover, learning a back hip circle and a bridge kickover. A level 3 needs to have the back hip and the kickover. I'm not sure if she has the pullover or not. The instructors and facility are very good. Y instructors are also great. I don't know as many details about their preteam but I think they have one. Dynamic is a private gym so they may be more in line with what you expect from your current gym and have more developmental groups. The county and the Y are super full.

Sportsplex - great coaches and great team. Not sure how they handle the levels or requirements for what though. If you really want to get on a preteam and willing to drive, I have heard through the grapevine that Dynamite in north Bethesda area has a lot of preteams...they also have tramp and tumbling. So maybe you could try there for at least a Saturday class or something, let's say you get into one day a week registration for Sportsplex or Barcroft (Arlington) because you are going to be in the non resident pool for both registrations (which means you can't register til a couple weeks after residents...although if you get on preteam at Sportsplex that might be different) maybe add a Saturday class at a slightly further gym like Dynamite or Marvateens or Silver Stars, there won't be traffic as much on Saturday morning.

Also those being private gyms probably are more willing to work with you on maybe letting you do one specialized class on a Saturday or something. Everything goes through the county with parks and rec programs, it's difficult for the coaches themselves to make special accommodations.
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