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Mar 7, 2007
the roll on beam without hands!!!! I was shocked. Her trainer started letting her do it with help probably about 5 weeks ago or so and dd told me she thought it was so scary. She said she got nausceous and dizzy. I didn't think she would learn it so quick, especially since the roll with hands took her at least a year to finally manage. So she has been practising the cartwheel on beam a lot and lands a lot of them. So her trainer decided it was time to learn something new. So every training when the other girls would do the roll with hands, she would hold her and do the one without.

So about 1½ week ago she came home and said she landed one without help and I was like, WHAT???? So the next training I came with, because I wanted to see it. And she did 1 again. I think I got it on camera, but not sure, haven't uploaded yet. I will do that later today and put it on here, if it is on.

I am so proud of her. I mean she has parts she finds so hard, like the fhs on floor, she just can't do that one properly without a springboard and even then she doesn't do them all right. And then she learns the cartwheel and roll without hands on beam.

Next season she will probably do these in her competitions if she keeps on doing them right, so hopefully that will give her some bonus points.
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