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DD desparate to do more and compete

Discussion in 'Parent Forum' started by Theunpreparedmum, May 3, 2018.

  1. Good valid points tucktwisttumble. Thanks
    I can see what you are saying in all points but could I ask re point 5 where you reference point 4. Would I, again with my inexperience with gymastics be correct in assuming the gymnastics at the dance school aren't perfecting things? I only ask to try and explain best to her your point about perfection before progression because the xxxx and xxxx that she asked about is taught in the class she is in at the dance school so I assumed rather stupidly that she had perfected certain things.
    Once again, thanks for the good valid, honest points.
  2. No problem! Happy to try and offer some insight.

    In my personal experience, gymnastics in anything but a gymnastics club is usually a different standard than gymnastics. Doesn't mean they are wrong or that the athlete cannot execute, but it is the standard of execution that is different. There are also differences in teaching technique - gymnastics vs. cheerleading vs. dance.

    For example, dance teaches acrobatics for the purpose of choreography. So starts/finishes of skills could be different. Cheerleading places a big emphasis on hitting the difficulty on the score sheet but doesn't weigh execution as heavily as gymnastics.

    Look at these three videos of a Back Layout. 1 is a dancer, 1 is a cheerleader and the last is a gymnast.

    Dance: fast forward to 2:40

    Cheerleading: fast forward to 0:12

    Gymnastics: Fast forward to 2:21

    All of these skills have the same name... But the body position & form is very different. Let me know if you can see a difference.
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  3. Thanks for the videos.
    Not sure I see a clear difference between the cheerleader and the gymast but the dancer one doesnt look what I would call "tidy" although it still looks impressive.
    DD's gymnastics teacher at the dance school has gymnastics training and the assistant is an ex gymnast so I assume DD's form will be a little more like cheerleader/gymast rather than dancer. She can't do this skill yet though.
    I've also seen the coaches move DD's arms to a different postion after she's done her moves to that she does elsewhere so maybe if she decides to continue after this term we cancel the gymastics lessons at the dance school and see if we can get another lesson at the club so DD is only learning one way.
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  4. So I actually teach Acro, at a dance studio. I am an ex-gymnast, and my dd is a Level 8 gymnast. I would LOVE to teach the skills the same way as at a gym, but due to time ( 1 hour per week of acro at dance, compared to 18 hours a week in gymnastics)/equipment and different levels of kids in my acro classes, I cannot. Not to mention, the focus is attaining the "tricks" quickly, so the are nice enough to perform on stage, not perfecting each little detail. Pointed toes are important, but perfect body positions are not.
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  6. I think this highlights how to an untrained eye things can look really good but to a coaches/judges eye they are not. I’m slowly learning but still sometimes I look at something and think it looks really good but then see it get lots of corrections, thankfully a friend of mine is a judge and anything I’m really puzzled about she will explain to me in simple terms what they are wanting/expecting and once she does I can see the difference but until then I’m baffled.
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  7. Thanks for the reply Jenny. Going to watch again.
    Taxi thanks again.
    If DD still wants to continue and still wants to compete then if a trial isnt succesful then I will look at what clubs local have several rec classes so that she can go two or three times a week and learn just one way.
  8. Just to say thanks all and a little update. After trying gymnastics at the club DD's decided its not for her and has moved to cheerleading.
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