Parents DD first level 3 meet - Judges Cup!

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Well considering dd was sick and on lots of cold meds, she did pretty good. She seemed a little loopy and edgy from the cough medicine but I commend her for going out and doing it.

They did break down the session into 4 age groups. Last week at the her inhouse, her best events were beam then floor with vault and bars as her weakest. This week at the real competition her best event was bars (she came in 2nd with 8.35) followed closely be vault (tied for second with 8.75), followed by beam (5th place with 8.65) and her weakest event was floor (6th place with 8.45). AA she came in 4th with a 34.20.

We had lots of fun considering her being sick. She couldn't go swimming in the pool with her friends but she was surprisingly ok with it. We received a written critique on each event which was nice.

I never realized how many little details they look at, especially on floor. DD has to clean it up bad. They noticed she didn't do her roundoff with pointed toes. And they also mentioned something about 4th position chasse. I made a photocopy of the critique and handed to coach so they can make correction. She did get some positive feedback so that was nice.

Thank you all for wishing her well over the weekend, sending get well fairies. I tried the motrin every 4 hours but I mistakenly gave her cough medicine that made her edgy and loopy but I was afraid she'd cough or sneeze in the middle of her routine.....heeheee! What matters most is that she had fun regardless!
Wow, Olivia did a great job even with the plague!!!:D

Nice to get some feedback to go with the medals.
Great job to Olivia! Hope she is feeling better now... did you get vids?

Judges cup meets seems to score harsher then most. I love that this one gave you the critiques, that is pretty cool!
Great job Olivia! I am glad she had fun and did so well! She did awesome!
Wow - she did awesome - esp. for being sick !!! I've always liked doing Judge's cup where you get the critique and get to see where the deductions are coming from. Congrats to Olivia :)
Thank you guys! And yes of course I have video of it. In fact I have from my perspective, my mothers, my mother-in-law and my husbands version. LOL I think we really over did it!!

I will post her video of bars and maybe vault. Her vault although she came in second place was not very pretty. After vaulting she saluted the judges facing the wrong way, she was facing the opposite direction. She did the same thing on her second vault. I am telling you her mind was foggy. She told me after she was confused. I gathered that much. lol

I am posting the video now.....
Good for her! It's so nice to start out on a high note. I'll bet you're thrilled. She'll have a great season! :)
Wow - imagine how well she will do healthy !!

I must admit I am jealous - our Judges Cup does not have L3. The L4 & up went a couple weeks ago. Did pretty well.
Congrats to Olivia. I'm sure she's feeling better now(timing is everything) and can enjoy looking at those medals.

Now, on to the next one---without the cold medicine!
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