For Parents DD got her front walkover!

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Dec 29, 2008
DD is level 3/pre-team. L3s and L4s practice together. When they practice the front walkovers coach always tells them if they can't do the FWO to "just do a front limber." Well, tonight DD had her mat out and was practicing some basics. Then she said "Mom, I think I can do the front walkover." I explained she has NEVER attempted a FWO and she should save that for the gym. She insisted saying she was tired of "just doing the limber" and was sure she could do it.

So, she gave it a try. And after about the 3rd effort, it looked beautiful! She is so excited to show coach Tuesday.

She has been really working on cleaning up her skills- holding her handstand longer, straight legs and arms, no bobbling, etc. I really think her coaches are going to see an all new DD come Tuesday! OK, mommy brag over. :D
Sep 30, 2008
Region 3
Good for her!! That really is a hard skill to pick up. I remember from back in my gym days. I always had an easier time going backwards!

They'll be so happy for her at gym :)
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