DD had a tumbling breakthrough!!!

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Mar 5, 2008
North America
DD had a great night at practice tonight!!! For all of you that have been following her progress, she has been having trouble on one major skill-the RO BHS. Well, tonight, for the first time in 6 months she actually jumped out of her rebound into the BHS!!!! She still had a spot, but this is major for DD since she has had this hesitation and fear issue for some time now. Her coach was so happy for her that she picked her up and swung her around with joy!!! DD did her RO BHS (with a spot) about half a dozen times, too!!! Of course, I missed it since I don't usually stay for practices, but I am estatic just the same. DD was beaming and had a grin ear to ear when her and her coach were telling me about it. Coach feels very confident that she will be doing this by herself soon enough.

Thanks for letting me share and brag a bit!:D

PS--Thanks Linsul for "sending the floor fairy our way"!!;)
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Great job! Looks like she is now definately ready to kick some level 4 booty.:D
I am thrilled for you both, I know how hard this has been for her. She must be so proud to have conqured her fear, what a wonderful night for her.
This is an occasion that calls for the appropriate internet response:


(dork-speak for YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!) :):):):):):):)
Woooohoooo !!!! That is so awesome - congratulations !!!! :applause::bouncy::applause::bouncy::applause::bouncy:

I'm sure that was all the confidence she needed and she will soon be flipp'in those ROBHS all over the place without a spot! Great job, sounds like she's ready to get er done on the floor now!
Congrats to her and you as well. I am sure you have had to be very patient and let her work through this. Sometimes when they struggle its just as hard on us.:eek:
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