dd jammed her wrist - advice please

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DD is 7 and doing prep op at the rookie level which is equiv to level 4. She jammed her right wrist while doing a cartwheel over a mat (some kind of rotation for floor work). I wasn't there and the coaches didn't see it so I don't know what happened. It sounds like the wrist twisted too much and she fell on it.

Anyway, it hurt enough for her to cry, which is unusual. iced it right away and no hand work the rest of practice. Continued on/off ice the past day. Also motrin a few times today. It's not visibly swollen and she still has good range of motion but she says it really hurts, both moving it and not. Of course it hurts more to move it, but not so much that she can't get the full range. The coaches taped her today and had her try a couple things but then had her just do conditioning and workouts not involving her hands. Had no other words of advice.

I'm thinking it is probably just a strain of a tendon or ligament. Without swelling, I'm assuming it probably isn't broken or a heavy sprain, right?

I know there has to be many parents and gymnasts who have gone through this. I'd like to know if I should just monitor it for the next couple of days or play the safe side and take her to the dr. I just don't know what the dr would do except an xray and since it's likely soft tissue vs. bone, it won't show on the xray.

What do you all think??

When in doubt, check it out....young children can have a fracture and still be able to move the wrist. If she is not improved in the next couple of days without having put weight on it, I'd definitely have her seen.

You can have her "rate" her pain using a pain scale. 10 the worst pain in your life, 1 no pain. You can ask her in the am and pm. If her #'s are going down it would be a good sign. If they remain the same or go up, that would be concerning.

If you use a pain scale with your dd, even if she has a really high tolerance for pain (as many gymnasts do), you are gauging her pain....kwim?
I would have her take a few days off from gym, and keep on icing. If the swelling is still there after a few days and the wrist hasn't gotten any better I would take her to the doctor. If she goes to gym, try not to do anything on the wrist because it could get worse, even if she just is trying something a small mistake, and it could get worse.
A visit to the dr wouldnt hurt. My ped said yesterday for any strain or injury to ice frequently and take Motrin 3 times a day for a week at least. And if it hurts dont use it because you can make it worse. Good luck I hope it isnt too serious
No reason to keep her out of gym as long as she does conditioning or skills that don't involve the wrist. Ice it in 20 min on 40 min off intervals. If after a week of no use of wrist it hurts just as bad, I would suspect she needs a doctor visit.
the wrist was still hurting this morning so I took her to the ped. They initially didn't see anything but closer inspection - there was a buckle fracture (technically a torus fracture) on the radius by the wrist. 3-4 wks in a cast. I am SO glad I went with my gut and took her. If the pain had subsided, I would have sent her to practice on Monday with just tape - could have made for a major disaster. I check it out on the internet last night and there were several hits stating no swelling but a lot of pain after a fall.

So - lesson to everyone - go with your gut and see a dr if you have any doubts. I'm sure I would have been a bit upset paying all the copays (ped, ortho, xrays) if it turned out to be nothing but then again it is peace of mind.

I'm posting another Q about recoop after removal of cast - would love input.

Sorry to hear that - one of DD's teammates broke a growth plate in her wrist this week ( not at the gym). She is actually doing the rest of the meets - including tomorrow - she will scratch on bars. The didn't cast far onto her fingers so she can use those - but can't use her thumb.

Scares me a bit, but the dr told her she could. My DD would not be but, not my kid.
I sprung my wrist during a handstand on the beam. I just put ice on it. It really hurt. It felt better about 4 days later. But to this day it clicks. I asked my doc and he said it would do it forever. Well really for as long as im growing.
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