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I made a little montage of some of the skills dd can do on the tramp. She was so excited making the video that she even attempted a new skill for the first time-a back tuck!!:eek: She had never attempted it but it doesn't look too bad(atleast to my untrained eyes). She was landing on her feet at least but placing her hands on the floor just before landing.

I just thought I'd share with my CB family!! Hope you guys enjoy!
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Mar 9, 2008
Too cute!!! she flexible or what!?!? Great job little one! Keep on having rock!:D


Awesome video!! She has so much energy and what great jumps! Does she also do cheerleading? Great job!!!

Yeah dd is very flexible!! I really don't know where she gets it from. I know I was never very flexible. :confused: And her coaches say that it's unusual to find someone as strong as she is with that much flexibility. I guess she got the best of both worlds.

Lately she has been very very happy with her gymnastics!! She is non stop! She walks around doing level 4 floor routine and on her own practicing lots of handstands lately (which I am glad because that's one skill she can alway use more practice on).

DD has never done anything besides gymnastics!! There are cheerleader that train at her gym and dd will sit and watch them. I even asked her once if she wanted to try cheerleading and she said she rather do gymnastics! I am going to start her on a 1 hour a week ballet class, next week. I tried to start her last year but after trying out the class she told me she only wanted gym. This year I made it clear she can do both. She tells me she is nervous dancing on stage. Yet she is not at all nervous with competitions!! I guess she more confident in gymnastics than dance right now! Gymnastics has really come sooooo easy to her. It amazes me how she makes everything look so easy, effortless.

Well thank you all for all your nice comments. I hope everyone enjoyed her tramp video. Now that she is older and a bit more aware of what youtube is all about she has a ton of ideas for videos..... So we'll see what she has planned next! Hopefully not an instructional video:eek:!
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