DD Started Ballet Classes :-)

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Mar 5, 2008
North America
DD started a ballet class one night a week for an hour and she really likes it! I think it will really help her with her grace and posture in her routines. There are a lot of dance elements (turns, leaps and jumps) in the floor and beam routines that need some cleaning up.

She was a little nervous at first because her age group class got moved to a gymnastics night so she has to do a class with older girls (11-13yrs old). Considering she is the youngest and tiniest one in the class, she is doing very well!

Just curious---do any of your gymnastics gyms suggest or even require ballet classes??

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That's great MdGymMom :) The first time I heard about gymnasts doing ballet classes I was somewhat surprised, but it totally makes sense. Especially for gymnasts that are strong and powerful but maybe slightly lacking in the graceful department!

Some of the gymnasts in my gym take ballet classes. Pretty much just the ones that want to/need it. A friend of mine is in a gym in another state and all the gymnasts at her gym are required to take ballet...even the boys! Wonder how macho those boys feel in ballet class ;).
All of the team girls at DD's gym are required to take ballet for 1 hour each week from the in house ballet teacher. During the summer they did 2 hours each week. DD's coach said that she noticed a difference in DD's beam and floor work after only a few lessons. She is more graceful and her balance and posture are very much improved.
Our gym required ballet classes for the team (boys and girls). DD goes Friday nights after her gym practice. Eventually when we get a new gym they will put mirrors and bars in the gym so they can have their ballet classes right at the gym

that sounds like fun! my DD does ballet once a week at gymnastics. she hates it, but so desperately needs it. LOL. she lacks grace and form badly. she really just loves skills. all the girls seem to not really love it though, but i am sure it helps. hope she enjoys it!
at my gym we have a dance instructor come in 2 times a week for an hour to work with us. then once a week we have another dance instructor come and work with us on our leaps and turns and dance on beam and floor.
DD takes ballet once a week but it isnt required, she does it because she loves to dance! The only reason she isnt in ballet is because she doesn't have the body type needed (she is built like a fireplug like Shawn).
It helps a lot, her turns on the beam are prettier and she moves better on the floor then some of the kids that dont take dance.

1st gym we were at had no dance training and since my gymmie is more like a linebacker than graceful ballerina I asked about her taking some classes. Was told no that would "mess her up." Gym we're at now has all girls in pre-team and team take 1 hour of ballet/week---they just take 1 hour out of a practice to do it. They have a room with mirror etc. upstairs just for that. The teacher is former russian rhythmic gymnast who I think sees my child as her cross to bear! Overall, I've seen some improvement in her flexibility and a nicer line on beam.
I dont know if its a requirement or not at our gym since our dd is only in the rec program currently. But they just added dance classes in their party room :) I was told by the dance school instructor (they have another location) that this would be a little more geared what the gym was wanting.

My dd does take dance for two hours a week. (ballet 1 hr. tap/jazz combo 1hr). We did it just for the simple basics I find important and will help her in so many things in life. :)
this is welcome news :)

My 7 year old daughter has just started gymnastics (she caught the bug after seeing her 4 year old little brother start gymnastics this past summer and do so well, so quickly).
She has been in ballet since she was 2.5, and they keep telling me that will help her in gymnastics...but it's hard to see while she's still trying to learn how to do a cartwheel :eek:
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