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I hadn´t been here for a while, got an automatic email about missing me, so thought I would check it out again, so here I am.

I think some of you know, we are in HOLLAND and my dd started selection team later than usual, so is missing some basics and has trouble with a few things she needs to know. She has been improving some, but then when she had her competition in November, it all went wrong. She hardly did the vault, but got over it, which was great. She didn't do the dismount on uneven bars, still doesn't. And she totally lost it on beam, she came off 3 times, while she could do it quite good. I think it was all the nerves. So she ended 17th out of 18. So she was quite disappointed. I do have films of the exercises on my youtube account, for who hasn't seen it. I do have htem glued together, but not on youtube yet.

Anyways. I had been thinking of trying to find a place where she could train extra, but of course that costs extra and she has to get there by car. But I had mailed a club a few months ago and was told to get in touch with one of the trainers. Which I thought I had done, but after that competition I found out I had never sent that mail to this lady. So I ended up doing it still. And I contact right away.

She said it was okay to give it a try, so dd went twice in December. My dh comes home a little earlier from work, so he can take her. It is about 20 minutes drive. It is in a proper gymnastics hall and she trains 2 hours there. She absolutely loves it and hopefully we can see she has improved at the next meet.

We mainly did it for her own confidence and because she always wants to train more and we don't have that option at our own club to train more. So she trains in our own town 3 hours and at the other club she trains 2 hours. We know she will never really be a high flier and win lots of medals, because she just is too weak for it, but she loves it. And it would help her so much if she wouldn't always end up last or 2nd last.

She has her next meet February 2nd, so root for her please.
Welcome back.

I will keep my fingers crossed that she gets her confidence up and has a better time at the meet in February.

Keep posted on how she does.

my dd has a meet on Saturday. First one since Nov. hopefully it will go well, she has been working hard.

Hi Carina,

My daughter also has a competition on the weekend of February 2nd. Good Luck to your little girl, I'll be thinking of her.

Canadian gym mom
Welcome back!! I was wondering where you were!!

my girls are 5 hours a week now as well!! rootin for her next competition!!
I've missed your posts - welcome back.
I am so glad you could get your DD in the gym more hours a week. I am sure that will help her. How come they don't do more competitions each year? Our coach says that the more the girls compete the better they get at competing (handling their nerves, etc). it would be nice if some of the clubs could hold some "mock meets" just to give the girls practice competing.
Be sure to tell us how she does on Feb 2nd
It is a shame that there aren't more competitions a year. I think it is just the way it is set up. And the thing is the do it at least a little different per region. But with us they work in divisions and levels.You have to be a certain age to do a certain level in a certain division. Our club lowest division is 5 and most of our girls, about 20 compete in that , except 2. You start proper competitions in the year you turn 9 and if you are in 5th division you do level 12, then you go up to level 11. This is the level where my dd started, she skipped the level 12 and 13 for pre team, since she was still doing a rec then and they didn't go that high. Until level 10, which is what my dd is doing now it is compulsary exercises, so everyone does exactly the same. If you are a year younger than my dd and also can do level 10, you are 4th division another year younger 3rd division, etc.

For 5th division there are 2 what we call placings competition. So you do your meet, get your AA and if you are with the best half, after those 2, you go to the semi final of the region, and after that the best half goes to the final. (My dd isn't going to make that). For the 5th division, that is it, there is no other finals. When you are in 4th division you could end up in the National final of that level and age, after 4 competitions, same with 3rd division.

I don't know what the reason that it works that way, I guess maybe because HOLLAND is so small and there wouldn't be enough place to have competitions all the time. We do have 1 club competition a year. Of course my dd could have 2 more competitions a year, if she would place better, but that just hasn't happened yet. It would be nice if she could do the club competition of the other club too, haven't asked, since she only just started there.

I will surely let you all know how she does. We are planning to make films again.
Thanks Sharon. How did your dd do in November? How old is she and what does she do?

She did pretty well since they were her first meets. She is L3 which is pre-team at our gym so they don't do as many meets as the team girls. She is 7 yrs old and been doing gymnastics just under 2 years. She absolutely loves it and would take every class in the gym if I let her!!! Her favorite is bars, then beam. Odd - those are usually the least fave's.

She improved from first to second meet on each event. She got her first 9.0 in her second meet on Vault and placed second on that even in her age group and had an AA of 33.o for 11th place out of 18 girls. I thought that was great for a second meet.

Their coach added a day of practice for the girls after the meets because they were practicing 4hrs per week and it was pretty obvious that the other L3's there were in the gym more. Now they practice 6hrs per week. I must say it has made a big difference.

She has a meet today at 2pm, hopefully she will do as well as she did in the practice meet at the gym last night. I am keeping my fingers crossed - and toes, maybe eyes too.

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