For Parents DD won't do ROBH BH anymore!!

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My daughter who is 8 is a level 5 gymnast and today at gym she just couldn't do her round off double back handspring. Coach pulled her aside and talked to her and she didn't know why she just kept freezing after the round off. Her coach let her do single back handsprings into the pit and it took her 45 minutes to do 5 of those.

She has been doing these for 1 1/2 now and has the skill quite well. She can do tucks and layouts as well, but now just freezes after the round off.

Unsure what to do with her. Any Help or suggestions would be greatful....

Sep 19, 2008
Has she hit a growth spurt lately? Even a little bit of change in the height department can throw a gymnast off her game temporarily. Growth spurts can affect how hard they have to jump, when their hands touch, may make the 2nd half feel awkward as their legs/feet go through the vertical, not to mention changing their view and possibly making them feel a little lost after they jump.

That's usually the culprit for me when that happens to a gymnast who's been doing them as long as your DD, so there's my .02! They adjust with some practice like the pit bh's, so sounds like she's on the right track, just have to adapt!
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
I have been through this and still going through this. Emily is constantly battling this demon with the stopping after the roundoff. It is sometimes mental with her and sometimes I think it is a growth spurt too but they fuel each other.
Emily's coaches just keep reassuring her that she needs to use her brain and think about each move as she progresses through them.... He tells her hands feet hands feet hands feet and to run that through her head and she usually makes them then. However, I just want to get back to where I don't have to worry about her back tumbling anymore. It is stressful so I really sympathize with you.


Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2007
We too are dealing with this issue!!! I don't know if Katy has had a growth spurt recently, or if she's gone "mental" w/the skill!! The first time it happened was at a meet right before States!!! YIKES!!! She's still not 100% back re: her tumbling. She's now a Level 7 and she NEEDS to have that RO BHS BT/LAYOUT, as well as her front tumbling. I just hope that with constant repetition over the summer, she'll get it all back! So I feel for ya! We just have to trust the coaches to coach, I guess!

But it is frustrating!!


Thank you all. I am so glad to see that it does happen to others. She hasn't had a growth spurt recently which she so desperately needs one though. I think it is truly all mental. Sh edid better yesterday at gym and was able to do 5 RO single back handsprings into the soft mat and then 5 RO single back handsrpings on the floor. So hopefully she can just start to ease back into it and get it back come September....... So frustrating as a parent.

Thanks again,


I heard his happened at old DD gym. A girl saw good friend/teammate go off tumble track and hurt herself. Girls who got hurt shook it off after a week or so, friend is still unable to connect round off to back handsprings 8-9 months later. They have tried all approaches, and she is just getting it back occassionaly now.

I hope she get it back soon. It's tought as parents to just sit back, but is seems like you have a good attitude about it and are not pressuring her. I'm sure that will help.
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