For Parents DD1 starts WORK at the gym this week

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Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
She'll be helping with the spring show. We're hopeful she can get some classes of her own this summer.

That would be good for me, too. Dd1'll still need me to drive her to and from the gym, so I'll be able to visit my mom friends.

Dd2 still thinks she's done at the end of the month and I still don't get it. She was working front giants last night and having a blast. Oh well. It is not my decision to make.


That's great that she can stop competing but still have gymnastics as a part of her life.

Is dd2 just burned out? Maybe if she took a month off instead of quitting altogether she might change her mind?? It sounds like she is doing really well. But then again I have seen some great gymnasts give it up because they just no longer want to dedicate all their free time to gymnastics. I hope she ends up happy with whatever decision she makes.
Not open for further replies.