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Jul 12, 2007
I am so happy to finally be able to say that!! hee hee :D

Crazy weekend. I am just glad it is over and out of the way! Since dd has never even had a real meet practice run through, I had no idea what to expect from her. She surprised me by how much she knew to do. I could not have been a prouder mama!

I thought she had a great 1st meet! "Judges Cup" so tougher scoring, she was the youngest competitor in a 7-9 yr age group with quite a few repeaters in her session of 67 (probably 25 in her age group)

Well, we discovered (like msl :D) that we hate the meet format where you warm up all events 1st and then compete each event. Yuck. Hopefully we don't have too many of these. She had time for only 1 complete routine run through on bars.

So, 1st up bars. 8.45 - no place .... She salutes and goes, kip, fhc, squat on - falls... but she did not break down. She gets back up, performs a 2nd fhc, and finishes a nice routine. The second she lands and salutes, now the break down - she is just bawling in coaches arms. I felt so terrible for her, but also relieved it was out of the way. She was fine after a couple of minutes. Later on, coach said her feedback was awesome.

Next up, Beam - 8.825. 6th place. She was very nervous after bars issue... Leap was more like a step, & she did not hold her handstands. I held my breathe the entire minute LOL. Judge feedback again was very awesome & No falls - whew!

Next up floor - 8.8.25 5th place. She had a trip in the beginning & then a really freaky fhs with a backward rebound, and an archy back x-roll. But she ended it on time, and I thought overall, she did fantastic.

By now I know she only needs a 6.9 to qualify for state. Basically, all she has to do is get over the vault LOL.

Last up vault - vault is vault hee hee. Honestly, I was just happy she got over. She salutes, runs makes it over. Ok it was just an ok vault, barely any flight - but I knew it was at least a 7.8 so all was great. :)

Vault - 8.15. No place. I was pleasantly surprised it was even that high.:)

AA - 34.25 Hooray qualified for state. & so excited to get out there and compete again :D

video of 1st meet -

YouTube - Audrey's 1st Gymnastics Meet - Judges Cup - L5
She did awesome. She looked absolutely beautiful. I am so glad she finally had the chance to show off all her hard work and dedication at a meet. She is going to go sooo far. You would never have known it was her first meet. She looked so confident and poised and her gymnastics is so beautiful. Tell her she is awesome and that Abby already left her opinion on YouTube. :D And a big congrats on doing amazing after a fall on bars and her little breakdown.

Audrey did the most amazing job, such poise and such great form for someone so young. Her bars were amazing, she would have easily been in the 9's with that.

E had to watch twice she thinks Aud rocks!
Thanks so much guys... your words are so kind. A & I both think the world of your gymmies (A) & (T & E)!

LOl on the bars - at least she now knows not to repeat a skill if she has a fall hee hee. Its all about the experience :D
I think she did an awesome job! She has great flow. I would have never suspected that it was her first meet:)! It looks like she has had a great start to the meet season;)!
That was great. If my 7 year old does half that good at her first meet. I will be impressed. I can't believe they didn't have a practice meet. They must have done some meet prep because she looks like she has been in competion for years.
Wow, she looked absolutely beautiful.
I don't know much about L5 as my dd is L3 but MAN I thought she was fabulous, and I am betting the next meet is going to bring some 9's. WAY TO GO!!
She honestly looks absolutely beautiful. The scoring was really tough, but I am sure that the high scores will come. She has great poise and body positions, as she goes forward and the connections flow more she is going to rock level 5. It looks like things have really worked out well. Tell her that we think she is amazing and can't wait to see more video!!!!
She did amazing! Her scores were definately low in my opinion. It's just all about the fun right? :D DD3 loved her vid. Kept playing it over and over to get ready for her first meet:p She is a strong little trooper!
Level 5 is a tough first level to compete and she did so amazing. Congrats to her on an excellent first meet ever !!! :D
Congratulations on your dd making it through her first meet, I bet she can't wait till the next one!
She is so beautiful to watch! She did a super job and is going to have a great season :D. What a talented gymnast she is!
WOW! I can't believe that was her first meet! She looked so confident & so polished already! She was AWESOME! Around here (NJ) those routines would have probably scored much MUCH higher, they really were good. It will probably take my DD 2 yrs of L5 to be able to do 1/2 as well as that, LOL, especially on beam. I predict a very exciting season for her with higher scores next time. I'm going to show my DD the video when she wakes up, thanks for sharing, sometimes it's not only the parents that like to's the gymmies too!
OMG! So looks sooo good! They obviously scored that meet really tough...her scores should have been higher! Great 1st meet ever Audrey! Never would have guessed it was your 1st look like you a pro already!!! When is your next meet??? You go girl:)
Wow, I am impressed! Nice form, great extension. You have a little performer on your hands! She is too cute for words, I really enjoyed watching her!

She is going to have an awesome season. We agree, dd detests 'Traditional' format meets. Plus, 'Judge's Cup' meets are usually a pain, due to the VERY picky scoring!

She will have an amazing season, you'll see! :D
Wow, she is amazing! She just looks totally at home on the competition floor. Do you mind if I ask how long she's been doing gymnastics? (I'm trying to get straight in my head who everyone is here)
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