For Parents DD's 2nd Meet Report

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Proud Parent
Nov 15, 2008
Hi! Well, my dd had her second L3 meet this week-end and she did great, especially considering that she was under the weather! She missed school and gym Thursday and Friday. By Saturday, she was fever free and went to the gym for an hour to run through routines. At the meet during warm-ups, she didn't hit anything and I could tell she was nervous. I would have let her miss this meet, but if she didn't compete, she wouldn't have been able to go to State in May. Sooo, she was a trooper and pulled it off. As mom, I noticed that her usual spunk was missing and her energy level was a little low, she was exhausted by the time it was over! Anyway, she ended up 2nd AA with a 38.2, her highest ever...go figure!

Beam 9.7
Floor 9.65
Vault 9.5
Bars 9.35

YouTube - Level 3 Gymnastics - Arabian Nights
Feb 26, 2007
Holy huge scores Batman!!! Maybe she needs to tale very week off before meets. What a great job she did!


Wow! She looked great out there! Nice huge scores! It's hard to believe she scored a 38.2AA and came in second. I actually found her bar score a little low. It looked perfect! Goes to show how little I know about what judges look for.

Anyways, Congradulation on a GREAT meet! She is going to ROCK at states. Can't wait to see the video!

Thanks for sharing:D


omg we were there also. You must be by us. My gymmie is at CATS. Are you doing the royal ball at gymnastics revolution in April. We will be at states in May. I saw your daughter compete, but I didn't recognize the team.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I think I already commented on YouTube, she rocked!!! Can't believe she was sick, how would she have done completely well?? :D Great job!
Sep 8, 2007
WOW amazing scores!!! She is so precise on her routines ,you see alot of girls trying to rush through there skills.She did a beautiful job!
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