DD's first L6 meet

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Nov 18, 2011
Region 7
Well, the Reader's Digest version is that she was not happy right afterward, but I think she's feeling OK about it now. She had two big goals that she did not achieve (flyaway and front tuck), but as I reminded her, 1) it's only one meet, 2) it's her first meet at this level, and 3) a heck of a lot of things went right!

She's always struggled on vault, but had a bit of a breakthrough a few weeks ago, so this event went better for her than it ever has, despite the coaches' warnings that judges are stricter with form deductions. She still isn't really popping off the vault, but she's getting better about getting off just after hitting the handstand, and her arms are much more controlled than they were last year. 8.6, a personal best on this event.

Bars -- her biggest disappointment. She's one of those who had a great flyaway and lost it. She landed one of her practice flyaways in warmups, but the routine itself was . . . let's just say, "not what she had hoped." She did manage not to brush the floor going up into the second kip, so that was a real victory. However, she released too early on the flyaway and fell on her landing. Her coaches are pretty frustrated, because they've been telling her to release later, and after this, the main bars coach told her that if she can't fix it, he's going to scratch her on bars for the next meet. We had mucho drama over this when we got home, but the next day, she was able to settle down a little and watch the video, and lo and behold, there she is, releasing when she's about 3/4 of the way up! It also helped watching the upper level girls compete, and seeing one of the other gyms compete a group of girls on bars at level 9 who (in my rather uninformed opinion) had no business competing that level. (Shouldn't you be able to turn a clean giant before attempting a release move??) We talked about risks and safety and I think she now has some additional reasons to clean up that flyaway, and if she has to scratch, she'll be unhappy but OK with it. Oh, score was 6.95 from a judge who was handing out some scores in the 5s.

Beam was not her best ever, but she nailed her back walkover and full turn. She was very happy about these things, especially the full turn (which to my eyes was indeed quite nice). Her score was an 8.85, and she wants to do better, even though I reminded her this was a great debut at a new level, especially getting through the whole routine without any falls. (Her scale and dismount were lovely, too.)

Floor was interesting -- she's been landing her front tuck consistently but really low. Unfortunately, she fell at the meet. But she's really improved her leaping and turns, and her RO-BHS-BT was not too bad. She ended up with an 8.4, which is just a little lower than where she started last year. And, as I reminded her, without a characteristic fall on one of the major elements!

So overall, I'm delighted for her. She's made so much progress since last year, even though she had a major injury from which to recover. In particular, I'm in awe at how far her floor has come. Thank goodness for patient coaches!
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Proud Parent
Jul 22, 2010
Sounds like a great first meet to me, especially at level 6, where the scoring is harder than it has been at previous levels. It's actually almost exactly the same as my DD's 1st level 6 meet (.1 off). I'm glad she is feeling better about how she did now that the dust has settled. And you figure that if she's scoring almost a 33 at her very 1st meet, when there are a few skills that she already knows she can do better, just think where she will be by the end of the year! I, for one, bought my DD a 34AA pin and a 35AA pin thinking that even that may be overly optomistic, given the dastardly reputation of level 6 scoring, but am now thinking that maybe I should have bought that 36 pin too! ;)

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
A personal best on vault and good scores on floor and beam are a very good way to start a new level. Sounds like she realizes the coaches have her well being in mind as far as bars which is great.


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Aug 16, 2008
Aw, sorry she fell on that front tuck. That is one skill my DD is afraid of...she was supposed to have that in her Xcel gold routine and scratched it. Your DD really had a great AA score with the two falls...she must be doing MANY things right in those routines! Congrats to her on the BWO and the full turn...my DD also has these in her routine and fell on the BWO this past weekend, she was NOT happy.
I am quite sure you will see those 33's go way up when she lands those skills! :)
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