For Parents Dd's level 8 Classic for the Cure Report

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I am so glad I decided to read your report first and watch the video after. that was an awesome report!

I give the report a 10!!

Cannot wait to watch the video, in about 10 seconds. ;)
Excellent Meet report. You should be a writer... I am going to watch the video now but she did wonderful. That is fantastic...

Thanks - I did happen to see the schedule this morning! Dd will be in session 10 (she's 13). Thanksfully I get to sleep in a little bit, but will definitely have to stay over the night before!

Maryland Classic

For Level 8's -

Sunday, January 17th
session 9 level 8 8-10 and 12 year olds
session 10 level 8 11 and 13 year olds
session 11 level 8 14, 15, and 16 and up
session 12 FINALS (Level 9 & 10)

They are working on the exact times and hope to have them today. First session of the day (Session 9) will begin at 8:00 am with 7:30 am registration.

Hope that helps.
I just saw her vid on You Tube! Good-gosh-golly what an awesome gymnast she is! Just flawless, such wonderful technique & form. She has a certain 'spark' in her routines that grabs your attention & makes you want to watch her, which I am sure makes her stand out above the rest to the Judges. Congrats to her! You must be one proud Mama! :applause:
Not open for further replies.