Parents Dealing with morning lack of flexibility and a meet

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Nov 19, 2016
So my daughter has noticed for a long time that she is least flexible at her Saturday morning practices. She's just a bit more stiff. She is not the most flexible to begin with! She got assigned the first early morning session at her upcoming state meet. We will be staying at a hotel the night before because of a 2 hour plus drive. Anyone think it might be worth having her take a quick warm bath before going or am I WAY overthinking this? (Likely!) It would mean she would have to get up a little bit earlier- which already isn't her favorite thing. I guess i am just wondering if a bath would actually make any real difference in her flexibility that morning? Thanks!
Is there any chance you can test your hypothesis BEFORE the state meet? Have her get up a little early and take a warm bath to see if it increases her flexibility when the stakes aren't as high.

Both of my gymmies seem to lack flexibility most of the time. For a few years, we actually did nightly massages that seemed to help with both flexibility and growing pains. YG still occasionally gets massages when she is feeling extra stiff.
Mine is also a pretty tight (upper back mostly) as far as gymnasts go. She loves a hot bath before meets. With a bath bomb. Doesn’t matter which session —morning, day or night! It’s become a bit of a ritual for her. Not sure it makes a difference re: her flexibility, but you’re really only talking about an extra 10 minutes or so. Even if it only loosens her up psychologically (;)) it could be worth a try....
Thanks for the replies! I think we will give it a try one morning next week before the morning of the meet. And yes, I think there are definite psychological benefits to a bath- it's one of my favorite ways to relax!
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