Dealing With Shin Splints

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Oct 6, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
Hello All -

Quick question - I'm assuming (from the little online research I did) I have a fairly mild case of shin splints. On my left leg, there's a thin strip to the left of my shin that's killing me. It's really sore, and it hurts to walk on. I asked my teammate, who runs cross country and tends to get them, and she said she thinks that that's probably the case. :(

Anyway, my question to you is this; to those of you who've had or have shin splints, how do you deal? What's the best way to go about healing them? Any suggestions in general?

I really appreciate it... thanks in advance! :)

Aug 20, 2008
this helps...

I used to have bad shin splints. Try walking on your heels to strengthen them. Start out walking around the floor just one time around on your heels (like with your toes up, only your heels touching the ground). It should hurt your shins a little, but it really helps strengthen them and prevent them from getting worse. It's also really good for gymnasts w/o shin splints to do this in order to prevent from getting them. Hope that helps - I know it helped me!


this may help

Place a towel on the floor and curl it up with your toes...repeat a few times a day

If you have a spring floor at your gym you can do toes curls, this is where you pull yourself across the floor by curling your toes.

something that tends to work well is icing..but don't just plop some bags of ice on and call it a day..

take a small paper cup and
fill it up with water
freeze it

when u take it out pull away some of the paper and sort of massage or do circles with it up and down the strip of ur shin that hurts you should apply some pressure it may hurt but it should help! =]

also another strengthening thing you can do is to write ur abc's with your toes, like while your sitting in class or something....
Feb 8, 2008
I'm looking for a magical shin splint cure too. I have shin splint supports from ten-o and I only tumble once a week. and for icing i use the dixie cups with water when I have time, other wise when I'm busy doing homework I put ice in 2 big ziplock bags and put on a pair of tube socks then put the ice in the tube socks. 15-20 mins on and off


1. You need to let your shins completely heal before you do anything more/else.

2. You need to be doing preventative maintenance in your workouts. Basically these are all the multi-directional heel raises and foot drills like walking on your heels, doing heel to toe raises, walking on the inside and outside of your feet.

3. Possibly do some foam rolling or stick massage. You will love/hate it.

XC runners get shin splints mainly due to the volume of heel to toe running and running on hard street surfaces that are not forgiving on your joints and body.
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