OT death penalty homework

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This is kind of a weird question but what is your take on the death penalty?

I am in a speech class and we are doing debate. My group is doing a debate about the death penalty, whether a just society should have the death penalty or not. We were thinking about getting some public opinions but we didn't know how so I said I would put a thread on here since they are people of different ages and people from all around the world. If you don't feel comfortable answering you don't have to just let me know and I can take the thread off but if you guys would like to say anything, please do.

thank you!
Oct 1, 2007
Campbell, CA
Death Penalty

Dear Rae Rae:

It is my humble opinion that this is not a topic appropriate for this forum.

There are many articulate and sincere people on both sides of this issue.

You should be able to google this and find both pro and con perspectives.

You should study both sides of the argument. Which ever side you decide to

argue, you will be a more informed person, and wiser, by studying both sides of

the issue.


Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
I am sorely tempted o answer this, but Tuduri makes a good point; this is not a political forum, and I'd hate to see rivalries born in political debates spill over into the rest of the forum.

That said, if we can all be mature about it and not take political/philosophical debates personally, I think it could make for some very fascinating and enlightening discussion.

I'm going to wait and see what JBS has to say before giving my opinion on the issue, and I ask everybody else to do the same.


ChalkBucket Founder
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Sep 3, 2005
Rae Rae,

I encourage you, your parents, and your friends to talk about this and learn the different sides of the issue...just not on this website. The community is regulating itself...and I agree with the community on this one. With that being said, don't ever be scared to ask a question on this forum as this is the worst that could happen.

Everyone else,

Thank you all for your responses...they are perfect responses. I am very proud of our little community.:thumbsup:
Not open for further replies.