WAG Deep Squat in BHS

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Jun 19, 2013
I tend to squat way too low in my bhs. I've been trying to correct it for a while but when I go for it I still am bending too low. I think it may be a fear issue because I feel like I'm closer to the ground when I bend low. Also my coach won't spot me, she just tells me to just go for it and correct it on my own.

Does anyone have any drills or tips for correcting this?
My coach has us start with our arms down at our sides. When we go to jump we lean a little forward and throw our arms back. Also when we jump we bend are legs ever so slightly.
Try to not bend your legs at all as you sit. You will probably bend then a little but it should help with a deep squat. Also, you can put a foam block where your butt would hit if you squatted too low and do a lot of repetitions and practice not hitting the block. Also try some on the trampoline because you won't feel like you need as much bounce. I was the queen of sitting low. My butt hit the floor and the beam sometimes!
Not open for further replies.