Definately in need of some luck!

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Oct 5, 2008
I have my first competition since 5 years on Friday! I was petrified about it as i was totally unprepared but now i'm pretty much ready for it! :D Quite excited but it's hard to remember what to expect. I quit gym when i was 13 and now im 17, and have only been back training for about 7 months but i'm much better than i was before i quit now, which is cool :D
Really hope i do well :)
Wish me luck!
Oct 5, 2008
Thanks guys :D

I was 6 when i started. I quit as our gym changed to just tumbling, and also as i had to concentrate on music (i'm a violinist xD) but now i have more spare time and our gym turned back into a 4 piece gym, so i went back. Though ironically... this is a tumble and vault competition :S haha!! a nice competition to ease me back into it though :)


Wow - that is so great that you went back !!! Good luck on your first meet back - I hope everything works out as you hope. I can't wait to hear all about it :D


That's great that you are back at it again! How exciting, I am sure you will do great:)! At the time I am posting, you may already be at the meet - - Good Luck anyways. Let us know how it went.
Oct 5, 2008
Thanks :D

My team (of 4 including me) won gold :) I didn't get an individual medal though - however i was up against 3 elite international tumblers!! Who obviously got 1st 2nd and 3rd place. I think i came 5th or something like that, so not too bad :)
Was great to be back competing, i missed it! Even though i was there aaaall day... after i competed, i ended up falling asleep under my coach's judging table!! (she was judging vault) xD
Oh and then i went straight to training for 3 hours :| only just got home
totally exhausted
was awesome though :)

had a bit of a mishap with my leotard glue though :S i did my first warm up vault and as soon as i started my run up my leotard went straight out of place...! so i ran up to the changing room and used LOADS of leotard glue, thought it had dried so put my gymshorts back on for warmup but then realised they were stuck to me! got them off, and i was COVERED in black furry stuff from the shorts! so i ended up missing my warm up as i had to go try get all that stuff off!! kinda funny now i think of it but i was in a panic at the time!!
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