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I am like soo upset with gymnastics right now and I do not know if it's time to quit or not.:( i do not want to even imagine quiting after everything I have been through with the sport. I am a level 8 and tonight my coaches told me I would not be aloud to compete at state even though I qualified. I have been having some problems with the way my coaches treat me and some of the other girls to. I have talked to them a lot but it only seems to be getting worse. ugh!! I just got back from hurting my knee and it is only my second day back and I have been missing some of my skills and my coaches got so mad at me and they treated me like ugh and idk what to do soo I would love any ideas. Thanks.
SOunds to me like your issue is with the coaches, not the sport.

Are there any other gyms in the area worth checking out?

I'm going to have to second that. Coaches make a world of difference. I had coaches I loved during offseason and during the season that was not quite the case. Teammates and coaches can have a huge impact on you success, or unfortunately hold you back.

It's probably worth checking out somewhere else with a more positive atmosphere.
I have the same problem, I love gymnastics but hate my coaches. I guess you really have to decide if how much you love the sport over rules the bad coaching. I put up with coaches who think your lying all the time if you say your hurt, and coaches who refuse to spot you because they will say you will get a fear from spotting. I'm also a level 8, and states are coming up this upcoming weekend April 4 and 5. I had one month to qualify and re -obtain my skills to compete level 8 after being out about half a year. So its a personal decision you must make and I can relate to you.:)
Coaching makes a world of difference--I agree with everyone on that. I started with a great coach who knew me really well. I really loved it--he knew exactly when I needed spotting even if I didn't say, knew I didn't pretend to be hurt, and my limits, etc. I learned super quickly but then he moved to another state (UGH, UGH, UGH) and we got a new coach. I don't think it is the sport that is giving you issues, it's the coaches. Either talk to them or find another close-by gym if possible. You won't move nearly as fast as you could if you don't have proper coaching. Good luck!
i am so sorry ):
i agree... if i were you, i would try a different gym (if there is one in your area) if you really dont have fun at your gym. I mean, you will go practically no where in the sport if you don't have fun at the gym. Is this the only problem you have had with your coaches?
i am so sorry ):
i agree... if i were you, i would try a different gym (if there is one in your area) if you really dont have fun at your gym. I mean, you will go practically no where in the sport if you don't have fun at the gym. Is this the only problem you have had with your coaches?
No, I have had a lot of other problems. Like they think were lying, not trying, tell us bad things about are weight/size, and think it is our fault when were getting tricks there not really coaching. etc, etc, etc. ugh and being one of the oldest in the gym i am supposed to be a role model according to them which is true but if I have like an off night the coaches just like ugh!! :(
I am so sorry you have to deal with this, I have been through it. I hope it all works out! But yes, I have been where you have been [even have knee injuries too!]. I would find a new gym. My last year at a gym some of the coaches thought I was lying about my injuries pain [even though the actually injury was clearly visible], and we just didn't get along. Don't let a coach ruin your love for gymnastics. I found a new gym where I practice, I am enjoying every minute of it, and have never once dreaded practice since. Since the change not only do I love the coaches even more, I love gymnastics. Good luck and please tell us how it goes!
that is truly horrible. coaches should be there for you. are they even aloud to say you cant be in states if you qualified? i think you should take to the person in charge of gymnastics in your state
If your coaches don't treat you right, then it can really impact your gymnastics. I have a really great coach, but when some of the other coaches coach me, it can really change how well I do. Gymnastics wouldn't be much of anything without coaches, so your coaches should help you be a better gymnast by being positive, not criticizing you. If possible you should check out other gyms in your area. If there is a better coach at your gym you could possibly train with (Which may not be likely), then give that a try. But if nothing seems to work it may be time to give gymnastics a break.....Maybe just for a month or so, sometimes a short break can make a difference. I wish you luck and hope that everything gets worked out! :)
I agree with everyone here. I'd chose to go to a different gym if you can. I've been at my current gym for 3 years, and for the last two there have been major coaching issues. There aren't any coaches that can spot my skills safely :eek: (my coach just about killed me one day) and the program is really just a feeder program for highschool. I want to do better, so i'm moving on. I get to switch gyms at the end of this month. :D Well, i hope it goes well for you. Like others said, don't let your coaches interfere with your love for the sport! Good luck!
I agree that coaches make a tonne of difference. They are the ones that should be motivating you to keep going, not pulling you back.
We had a horrible experience with a coach about a year ago, we ended up getting her sacked.
Maybe looking at other gyms in your area or perhaps a different training group
would help.
Good luck!!!
I am really sorry that you are having these problems. Has your mom talked to the coaches? I was having trouble with a coach and then my mom talked to her and now she is my favorite coach. I would say dont quit, ask your mom to talk the coaches and if that doesnt work find a different gym. Good luck!
U could try looking into other gyms. If you have trouble with coaches, than a differant gym would be an easy solution. Another option would be to take a couple weeks break from gymnastics. Try to think positively. Talk to your parents and c what they think. best of luck
sounds alot like what i went through
i ended up quiting, it was a really hard choice but gymnastics had been my whole life i needed to go away and work out what i wanted. i started caoching about two years after i quit and that made me realise the gym was the most important thing to me. i started training again and i'm happier now then ever (i'm training and coaching at a different club to where i first trained)
this is a problem. i might even consider switching gyms. i know thats a big thing, but if you have worked that hard and your coaches are being mean, its not helping you or making you better.

DO NOT QUIT! Seriously you have worked wayyyyy to hard for that. I quit and it was the biggest mistake i ever made. If you love it, stick with it.
If they're treating you and all the other girls need to go talk to them as a team. And if it continues quit that gym and go to another. :) Hope you can figure it out!!!!
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