Destira leotards-- which size?

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I know I made a similar thread about a different brand recently, but my decision-making process is very slow. :p

I'm thinking about getting a grab bag leo from Destira. I know there's some risk involved with the grab bag, but none of the leotards I have seen from Destira are ugly, even though I of course like some more than others. Mainly I just want to get the sizing right. I don't know whether to get an AL or an AXL.

Measurements: Girth: 59, Chest: 34, Waist: 26, Hips: 34

My problem with getting an AXL is I don't know what the selection would be, since all the workout leotards listed on their site only go up to AL. How does Destira run in relation to GK? I wear an AL in GK and still have a little bit of growing room, mostly in the waist, but I don't really like to wear AMs because they can be kind of tight.

I was going to pick out a nice leotard and buy it with money from doing birthday parties, but that fell through :(

Thanks in advance!
Not open for further replies.