Did the Olympics get you pumped to try new things?

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After watching the Olympics I felt like I wasted my life playing videogames all the time. lol

It made me want to try lots of new things.

I learned how to backflip and handstand, but also things that used to seem scary got less scary.

I learned how to do a double front tuck and land on my butt( On a trampoline), I used to be too scared to flip over my head twice.

Has watching the olympic motivated any of you to try new stuff?
It motivated me to buy a 72" samsung, xbox pro, and the force unleashed. AWESOME!! Waiting for Fable 2 and kotor 3 here.

Kidding, but I really like video games, no shame in it :p The Olympics motivated me to get my right right and left splits back. I had to get down about 4 inches in right, and 6 in left. My middles are gone for good lmao! I'm also trying to get my bridge back into walkover shape. Once it's back I'll hopefully have the stomach muscles for a backbend rofl. I had my son in June, and there's no better weight loss + toning than participating in class conditioning and demonstrating lots. Now that 4 months has passed, I tried my first bh on the trampoline. Like riding a bike!! Front handspring, front layout, front tuck on the tumble trak next week, holla! (yeah right lol)
Well i no for sure it motivated the rec kids i coach!
one girl WAS going to quit at the end of last year...then her mom said she watched gymnastics on the olympics lol..so cute!
I want to get street fighter 4 when it comes out, I liked street fighter since I was four. lol

all-aroundgirl, what level are you in gymnastics?
7 is pretty high, isn't 10 and elite already or something?

Street fighter is an old fighting video game, I was saying it was one of the games I like because Linsul was talking about video game.

Ah...thanks for clarifyng. Seven is high but 10 isn't exactly elite. I think it's like right before you can go pro. I don't know... I still can't wait to be a Level 10! :)
My guys were definitely pumped up and excited after the olympics, and worked their butts off for the next couple of weeks before settling back to their usual pace.

One of my guys thought Danny Rodrigues' rings routine was the coolest thing ever, and has been working victorians obsessively since the olympics. He wants to get one for competition this year, which I think is unlikely to happen, but I actully won't be really surprised if he eventually gets it; he seems to be naturally strung in all the right places for it, and he's made huge progress on it over the last few months.

As for me, it wasn't so much the olympics as the release of the new code; on floor, I think the new code plays to my strengths more than the old one. Rings as well, though to a lesser extent.
I really wanted to try lots of new things but a foot injury has been keeping me back. :( But when i do get back for sure i wanna try lots of new things!!! :p
I want to have a new bars routine, there was tonnes of really unusual skills ( I thought anyway).

Anyone see Ksenia Semenova's bars dismount? Very cool.

If I remember right it's a piked Arabian double front.
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