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I know it was a little while ago, but did you guys see the us national championships? My parents thought Nastia would lose, but I knew she would pull through, even after those not-so good rotations of vault and floor. It amazes me on how much she can mess up and still win, just like at pacific alliance. Just think of her margine for winning if she would hit her routines!
Was this the Visa National Championships that was on in August? We watched the second day of it. I don't know a whole lot about gymnastics (aside from watching the Olympics and watching my daughters' preteam class) so it's hard for me to tell when she is making mistakes other than the commentators pointing it out. The final day she seemed to do pretty well but maybe she made more errors the day before? She has such beautiful form. She must be unstoppable when she is on her game. I will say that my girls were very inspired by watching!
Definitely. I love watching her on bars and beam; it's where she really excells.
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