For Parents Digital camcorder suggestions??

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Hi, I'm hoping for some input. I'd like to buy a camcorder withing the next week or 2 so I can capture provincial championships for Rayna, as well as other childhood silliness! I currently have a Sony Handicam, but it's big, heavy and a royal pain to get the video online.

Any suggestions for something good quality, easy to use and realatively inexpensive??

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Canadian gym mom


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
If I could get a new one, I would probably get a hard drive one like these.

You can just save it to your hard drive and then burn to DVD.

Either that or a DVD one like this. My dad has one that records to DVD and he loves it.

Good luck to Rayna at Championships. Would love to see her videos. She is awesome!
Thanks so much for your suggestion. I looked at the links you provided and spoke to few real life friends and ended up going with the JVC hard drive camcorder. It's so little and cute, and it's red!
That's the link to see

And of course I'll share video of championships! Rayna's getting SO pumped about it!

Thanks again for your input, this camera is easy to use and easy to put it online. I couldn't ask for more!


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Feb 26, 2007
That is so funny H, I just bought the exact same one, it is even red!!! I love it too. I must have missed your thread somehow.

Tell Rayna to have a blast at Provincials, she had a great season!

Lol! Too funny that we got the same one. My old one used the full size cassettes and was frustrating to get online. (had to use a pinnacle hardware thingy!)

I've played with it at home a bit and it seems easy to use. I even put some footage into my computer to figure it out.

I'll pass along the well wishes for Rayna!
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