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May 4, 2009
I'm feeling like this is probably my last year competing. On one hand I really want to go to National's and do well enough to place on the other hand I want to finish as a level 10. I can do a nice DD routine for level 9 that might compete well at National's. I can do min. DD level 10 routine. I highly doubt seeing myself doing multiple doubles by the end of the season like level 10 National winners do. This is for trampoline on DM I know I'm doing 9 and I don't tumble.

What do you think? What would you do in my situation? Honestly it is kind of a resume thing too if I ever move and work as a T&T coach would level 9 National champion or level 9 National qualifier or level 10 National qualifier look better?

I say go for level 9. You wouldn't want to try and compete level 10 and go for broke and possibly land wrong and come last. It feels a lot better to do a routine that you can really do well then one you're a bit nervous about/ know it's not competitive? Do you do level 9 or 10 for double mini? I would say try level 10 double mini.
Not open for further replies.