WAG Dislocated Elbow... Well, Darn it

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Dec 9, 2012
Region 8
I posted about 2 years ago this October that I fractured my right elbow on vault and that apparatus striked again! I was doing blocking drills on the trampoline of all things and my elbow dislocated. Yep, hurt again! It popped out and thankfully popped back in by itself later, but has some ligament damage and fluid around the joint. I just finished up a season competing Xcel Silver, had the most amazing moments of my life, and this looks like the injury that puts me out of gymnastics for good since I leave for college August 14th. (Unless I can be released for gym before then.) I will let this elbow heal right, do physical therapy, condition abs and legs (I hate being away from my team) and pray for healing before my time is over at my gym, but it looks like this is it. (Prepare for a graduation-like speech) I'd like to thank Chalkbucket users for supporting me through my competitive season and recreational classes, and for believing in me when no one else did. Although I will be back when I hope to coach starting my 2nd semester of college, I will still be reading threads and remembering amazing times. Prayers, please, because this is a very tough transition as I have fell in love with this sport and hope that this is not goodbye.
Sorry to hear about you injury. Glad your final season was a good one. I hope the rehab goes well and you can exit your gym career positively.
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I haven't followed your story, but I'm glad you were able to achieve your dream of competing. I hope your recovery is quick and complete and wish you all the best in college!
Sorry about the injury but glad to hear you at least had a great time competing. Good luck in college.
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